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School Teacher

How does your school measure up?

IACA wants to know how well your school is doing when it comes to indoor air quality. To do that, we've put together an IAQ report card and are asking parents, grandparents, students, teachers, and school staff to fill out and submit your schools report card. As we collect data we will make it available on our website. 

Schools Will Be Graded On 

Below are a list of parameters schools will be graded on.

Alarm Clock

Response Time

Schools must show a willingness to answer questions and interact with parents in a meaningful way.

Image by Michal Matlon

Proper Ventilation and HEPA Filtration

Schools have adopted mitigation measures and achieve 6+ air changes per hour.

Image by Felipe Furtado

IAQ Plan

Schools who have an IAQ plan demonstrate that they value the importance of having good indoor air quality.

Image by Ramón Salinero

Unproven Technologies

Schools will be measured on whether the technologies they've deployed are proven through third party testing or not.

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IAQ Monitoring

Monitoring indoor air quality is critical. A school must monitor IAQ at the classroom level in order to understand if their mitigations are working.



Schools utilize MERV 13 filters in their HVAC according to recommendations form the CDC and EPA.

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