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Let's Keep Kids Healthy and in Class by Improving Indoor Air Quality

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Sick School Air is Unfair

For stability, continuity, normalcy, and public health, we are dedicated to seeing US schools implement engineering controls that are proven to reduce airborne illnesses, decrease absences, and keep kids in school safely.

Schools in Georgia that implemented ventilation and HEPA filtration as recommended by CDC cut their incidence of Covid by 48%.

Why not for our kids?

We need parents like you to stand up and ask, respectfully but firmly:

Why not for my kids?

You've already helped crowd-fund for these ventilation improvements and HEPA filters and we've made that available to schools by passing the CARES Act, CRSSA, and ARP Act. Schools have a duty to use that Covid money to address the Covid problem.

These ESSER funds are going to be in our rearview mirror soon. We have to prioritize solutions now, while funding is still available.

The dust has settled and the facts are in: mechanical ventilation and HEPA filtration can reduce the spread of airborne illness.

Dr. Ashish Jha, the White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator, has said "we have the tools" to keep kids in class. He has made it known that the tools they are using in his children's school are federally funded ventilation and filtration upgrades.

But nobody is riding into town to tell city hall this, or speak at your school board meeting about it. It's not going to happen without you.

If you want to get started, contact us.

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